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LS1021a full boot sequence

Question asked by Vincent Siles on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by Vincent Siles


I'm trying to understand the full boot sequence of the LS1021a, and I'm a bit confused.

From what I gathered so far from SDK v1.9, the high-level view is:

- PBL code reads the fuses / RCW / PBI commands

- at some point, it copies u-boot from the boot medium to OCRAM and runs it (SD in my case)

- at this point, u-boot can configure DDR, copy Linux into it and boot Linux


What I'm unsure about is:

- Is the PBL executed by Cortex-a7 core 0, or is it an external chip ?

- Is the PBL code located in the ROM section (first Mb of the memory map) ?

- If that's not the case, can we access the PBL code to understand it ?

- In the RCW generated by the SDK (sdcard_ifc), there are lots of PBI instructions which copy code to OCRAM (like TZASC, IFC, SATA config ...) but I don't understand when the control branch to this code.