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LPC-Link2 Debug Probe firmware programming

Question asked by LPCware Support on Mar 31, 2016

When using a LPC-Link2 debug probe (including those built in to LPCXpresso V2 / V3 boards) with the LPCXpresso IDE|NXP , the normal mode of operation is to soft-load a suitable debug firmware image when the first debug connection is made.


However in some circumstances - such as when using LPC-Link2 with another toolchain, the debug probe flash memory will need to be programmed with a suitable firmware image.


The recommended way of performing this task is to use the LPCScrypt|NXP flash programming tool.


This tool contains the latest versions of the NXP CMSIS-DAP (v5.112 or later) and Segger J-Link debug probe firmware, along with programming scripts and comprehensive documentation (attached).


The screenshot below shows LPCScrypt programming an LPC-Link2 debug probe:


To use:

  1. Install LPCScrypt
  2. For LPC-Link2: remove link JP1 (nearest USB), for LPCXpresso V2/V3: make DFU link
  3. Connect the probe to the host via USB
  4. Run the desired programming script
  5. For LPC-Link2: restore link JP1 (nearest USB), for LPCXpresso V2/V3: remove DFU link
  6. Re-power the board

For convenience, the programming operation can be performed from LPCScrypt Start Menu short cuts when running under Windows.


Video demonstrating LPCScrypt to program debug probe firm:

LPC Tips & Tricks: LPCScrypt

For more information and LPCScrypt downloads, please see:LPCScrypt|NXP


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