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lpuart issue

Question asked by Gnichi Mohamed on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2016 by Jacob Jennings


I am starting to use lpuart on freedom KL03Z board. I started with lpuart_non_blocking_example which works fine. However as soon as i start a new project with processor expert the lpuart doesn't work. I am suspecting that the issue lies within the initialisation code of PeX. I attached the project here.

Second question, I want to read incoming chars, one by one so i want to make something like this

While(rxbuffer is not empty)         LPUART_DRV_ReceiveData(BOARD_DEBUG_UART_INSTANCE, &rxChar, 1);


I can't find a way to test if the rxbuffer is empty or it has something in it. I have to test that because in my application i don't know how much bytes am going to receive either 2 or 3. I am looking for a similar function like the arduino Serial.available().


Thank you for helping

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