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Creating a partition on NTAG216 to use 215 data.

Question asked by kingoftaurus on Mar 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by Claudio Ibarra

I have some data that I need to write to an NTAG215 card.


I am using a program not created by me to write the card that also uses encryption keys to encrypt the contents. Using 215 this works fine.


I have a need to use NTAG216 cards in place of the NTAG215 cards and I was given a basic explanation of how to do it here:


NFC tags can actually have multiple partitions (I'm sure most of us know). Make a separate (second) partition on the NTAG216 that is exactly 348 bytes, and fill it with dummy data (FF's, not 00's).


The program will then write the encrypted data to them as they were NTAG215's.

My problem is that I have found no information anywhere regarding creating any amounts of partitions on the NTAG216 or 215 for that matter.

If someone could give me an explanation of how to do this, I would be much appreciative. Thank you.