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K64F: System stops when ethernet cable isn't plugged in

Question asked by Tobias Wellnitz on Mar 8, 2016
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I was playing around with the WebServer example (for FreeRTOS), with the SDK 2.0. I noted the uC execution is aborted when I initialise the interface (netif) and the ethernet connector is not plugged in.


This seems to be a bit unfortunate, since I have another task which handles some basic IO Input.


Investigating this issue with the debugger, shows me that the problem is within the PHY initialization (fsl_phy.c). In particular in PHY_Init().


PHY_Init() - line 84/85:

result = PHY_Write(base, phyAddr, PHY_BASICCONTROL_REG,



How can I initialise Ethernet / lwip without depending on a physically connected cable?


I presume the auto negotiation has to be replaced with fixed values, right?