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Enquiry on Codewarrior CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE and CWH-CTP-BASE-HE

Question asked by Evan Lim on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Evan Lim



Do NXP still selling Codewarrior USB TAP CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE?


If not, what's is the difference between CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE and CWH-CTP-BASE-HE.

I will need to use the Flash programmer and Hardware Diagnostics.


Currently I'm facing a probelm using CWH-CTP-BASE-HE. It seems like there's a connection problem.

After I connected CWH-CTP-BASE-HE to my target board, RUN/PAUSE led flashes red.

When I click on mobileGT9.2 -> Flash programmer -> Erase/Blank Check -> Erase , it will shows me an error message "connect fail"


May I know what's happening to my codewarrior TAP or software?


I had already follow the steps mention in AN4780 pdf files for mobileGT9.2.


Thank you.