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AN2295 (HC08/S08 Developer's Serial Bootloader) updated for rev. 9.2 - CF V1 (alpha) support added

Question asked by Pavel Lajsner Employee on Feb 19, 2008
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software for Application note AN2295 (HC08/S08 Developer's Serial Bootloader) has been updated recently. Since the last rev. 8 (Aug-2006) several additions and enhancements has been done:
  • S08LC family added
  • S08QE (Flexis) added
  • S08GB/GT family updated for A-family
  • S08EL/SL family added (including EEPROM programming)
  • S08QD family added (with software SCI)
  • S08DZ family added (including EEPROM programming)
  • HC08GR8A corrected
  • S08QG8 corrected
  • hc08sprg.exe master updated
  • simple Windows GUI application added
  • all projects updated for CodeWarrior 6.1
HC08 families supported: AB/AS/AZ, AP, GP32, GR(A), GZ, JKJL, JKJL8, JW32, KX/EY/GT, LB, LJ, MR, QB, QC, QT/QY, SR

S08 families supported: AW, DZ, EL/SL, GB/GT(A), LC, QD, QE, QG, RC/RD/RE/RG, SR

Any comments, reports, suggestions or wishes are more than welcome. Some of the latest bootloaders are still in alpha stage, tested briefly.

Direct download link is here:

Unfortunately accompanying application note AN2295.pdf has not been updated yet (to reflect new protocol variations).

Best regards, Pavel, ok2ucx
Freescale Czech Republic
an2295 developer

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