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Routing problem with MQX 4.0 on Windows PC

Question asked by Gian Michele Pasinelli on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Carlos_Musich


I have a problem when I use RTCS on k60.


I configure this parameter for RTCS board:





and this parameter for my PC:






I see this things:


- The first ping from my PC to RTCS board correct works and the next doesn't work anytime (in this case RTCS board doesn't execute ping).


- After that I try to enable ping from RTCS board. If I don't make anything, RTCS ping runs always properly.


- if I run ping command from my PC to RTCS board, the ping runs properly for many minutes and then, when one ping fails, all the next ping fail.

When the first PC ping fails, also RTCS board RTCS ping fails and returns RTCSERR_IP_UNREACH error (code 0x1510 - no route to host). The next pings always fail and they return RTCSERR_IP_UNREACH error.


In this condition the operation is unpredictable.

I have this problem with windows-PC and linux-Server.

If I use linux computer I don't have anything of that problems (however I test from linux computer a few time).


If I force RTCS board mask to system always runs properly, but I say you this because you have more information because this system has to work with mask (I want to use gateway).


Would you know how to help me?


thanks in advance,