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RSSI measurement with 802.15.4 My Wireless App example

Question asked by Carrie Cramer on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by George-lucian Capraru

Hi, I am using the FRDM-KW20Z dev board to develop an application based on the 802.15.4 My Wireless App sample application provided in the Connectivity Software.


I would like the Coordinator to be able to record the RSSI value after receiving a message from an End Device. I tried doing this by calling Asp_GetRSSILevel() (from ASP.c) within the App_HandleMcpsInput() function in App.c. Here is what the function looks like with the 2 lines I added in bold:


static void App_HandleMcpsInput(mcpsToNwkMessage_t *pMsgIn, uint8_t appInstance)


  uint8_t rssi = 0;



    /* The MCPS-Data confirm is sent by the MAC to the network or application layer when data has been sent. */

  case gMcpsDataCnf_c:





  case gMcpsDataInd_c:

    /* The MCPS-Data indication is sent by the MAC to the network

       or application layer when data has been received. We simply

       copy the received data to the UART. */

    rssi = Asp_GetRSSILevel();

    Serial_SyncWrite( interfaceId,pMsgIn->msgData.dataInd.pMsdu, pMsgIn->msgData.dataInd.msduLength );





I didn't change anything else in the My Wireless App code, except for #include "AspInterface.h" in the App.c file.


The values that the function is returning are always within the range of about 157-170 (in decimal), even when the boards are separated by about 20m. I was expecting values from 0 to 102 since the FRDM documentation states that the radio has accurate RSSI indication for RF inputs from -102 dBm to 0 dBm.


The Asp_GetRSSILevel() function calls the PhyPlmeGetRSSILevelRequest(), which gets the value from ZLL_RD_LQI_AND_RSSI_RSSI(ZLL). I am not sure whether this value is supposed to be signed or unsigned. 


Is this the correct way to go about this problem?


I also tried the PhyGetLastRxRssiValue(void) function from the PhyISR.c file, this was giving me values in the 200's.


Thanks in advance!