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connect() error in user guide

Question asked by Emanuele Trapani on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by Emanuele Trapani

hi, i work on mqx 4.2, CW 10.6 and frdmk64f.

in the RTCS user guide, connect() function description, i read that :

"When used with stream sockets, the function fails if the remote endpoint:


• Is unreachable, which causes the connection timeout to expire."

when i use connect() function if the remote endpoint is unreachable, the function return when the connect timeout expires but return RTCS_OK. so it seem that the function not fails.

it is correct? how can i understand that the connect fail if the socket are not connect and the function return RTCS_OK?



ps: it return RTCS_OK also if my application is just one task with just one socket that try cyclically to connect to an inexistent server.