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how to debug MPC5775K with P&E Umultilink FX and S32DS for Power[help needed]

Question asked by E.w. Hu Employee on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by Martin Kovar

Hello everyone,


Does anyone try to debug MPC5775K(MPC5775K-356DS +MPC57xxMB ) with P&E Multilink FX(Rev.B) and S32DS for Power, I tried it, and got the following error with its default debug configuration:


I tried to enbale and modify the delay after Reset and before communicating to target for 500ms, the reset issue solved, but it still cannot download the codes and hug at launching GDB server.


I have no idea how to fix the issue?  is there any other configuration should be modified for MPC5775K debug, or any patch for the issue?


I have tried to use S32DS for Power and the same P&E Multilink FX(Rev.B)  to debug MPC5748G and MPC5744P, they are both OK.





Enwei Hu.