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Problem in Interfacing TRK-KEA128 MCU in the CAN BUS

Question asked by Dino David on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Dino David

I am trying to interface TRK KEA 128 MCU to the CAN BUS. I have another different Microcontroller (TI- Hercules) connected to the CAN bus.

May I know what is the electrical specifications of CANH and CANL signals of TRK-KEA 128 Microcontroller. TI-Hercules MCU has 2.5V CANH and CANL signals.

Can I interface directly to the CAN bus or should I make any changes ?? I tried connecting directly to the CAN bus, but no result.

Also I have connected the TRK KEA-128 MCU with USB . Is it enough to power up the CAN Controller?


Currently I am transmitting data continuously to CAN bus from TI Hercules MCU while I have programmed the TRK-KEA128 MCU for receiving, but unfortunately the MCU doesn't read anything.

I have verified the correctness of TI-Hercules MCU by transmitting and recieving from two different CAN nodes of same MCU.


TI Hercules--------------------------------------------------Freescale TRK-KEA128




How do I go forward. Please help me with your suggestions..


Thanks in advance.