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Need Bootloader for MC9S08AW32

Question asked by Pascal Irrle Employee on Dec 4, 2015

This refers to the post CW10.2 broke my bootloader

Under this post with the customer we solved the importing classic to Eclipse project.

However during the process the customer delete the bootloader flash on-board by default.

I recommended him to have a look to the AN2295 and to access the pdf and software associated.

The SW file associated was based on MCU v6.3 and now customer is using Eclipse.

So I've generated the 2 files associated to the AW32 SCI1/SCI2.



Opening the \an2295sw\src\S08AW\hc08sprg-s08aw.mcp project under MCU V6.3, I can see there are 12 targets.

A target for SCI1 and SCI2 for each derivatives: S08AW60, S08AW60 HiSpeed, S08AW48, S08AW32, S08AW16 and S08AW8.

This project is for me too complex to be imported under Eclipse with the importer feature.

I've contacted the Technical writers to get their feedback too.


For me, I think it's better to use the classic version to generate them.

On my side under MCU V6.3, I've generated the 2 targets (SCI1 & SCI2) for AW60.AW32


Attached you will find the generated files (.abs.s19 files and other linker output files).



Unfortunately it doesn't work ...


Hi Pascal,

I've followed the same procedure and the generated files do not seem to work.

Please let me know what the technical writers have to say.

Thank you for your help!




I've already contacted the AN writer but no news at this time.


Please can you help the customer ?