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How do I set FSL_USB_CDC_Device with MK24FN1M0VDC12?

Question asked by Dario Esposito on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Benito Tomas Aquino Romero



I'm porting a project I've made with Kinetis Design Studio 3.0 for the Kinetis K21 (MK21DN512VLK5) to the Kinetis K24 (MK24FN1M0VDC12).

I have to use the FSL_USB_CDC_Device component but in the Component Inspector I cannot choose K24 as CPU because it is not present in the listed CPUs.

The options that I have for Kinetis processor are:


Kinetis K20D50

Kinetis K20D72

Kinetis K21D50     (I used this with the MK21DN512VLK5)

Kinetis K21F120

Kinetis K22F120

Kinetis K22FN120

Kinetis K40

Kinetis K60

Kinetis K64F

Kinetis K70


Can I use another of these options? Which one?






P.S. I'm using Processor Expert for Kinetis V3.0.1