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HS908SH8 - SCI module wrong data transmited/received

Question asked by Lucas Bacelo on Nov 22, 2015

Hello! I'm trying to do a simple program to send a byte from the MCU to the PC and read it with a serial monitor. I'm using an USB-Serial interface (that works fine because a friend is using it with his project).


The problem: When I send the byte (a 65 for example that it's an 'A' in ASCI) I get a trash character in the serial monitor. When I send 0x41 (the 'A') I get 0xA1 in the monitor. I set up the MCU at 8Mhz and the Baud Rate to 9600. Of course I'm reading at 9600 with the monitor. I can't find the error if it's a code problem or it's a electronic problem.


I'll post my code in an external link because I think it's too large to post in a normal mesage. I'll attach the code too if you want download.


Thanks for reading, I hope you can help me!



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