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what can let DFlash's Patition Miss for MC9S12XET256

Question asked by alex zhu on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Radek Sestak

    Hello,I meet a quetion about DFlash of MC9S12XET256,I use it by the follow steps:

Step1: I use the full patition  d-flash commnd 0xf in case that with BDM, and set DFPART is 0x0,ERPART is 0x10;

Step2: I use Enable EEE commnd 0x13 and write to buffer ram,it's ok, after that I remove BDM(BKGD not connect);

step3: In the  case  that without BDM,I use Query cmd test the patition, and visible EEE IFR (MMCCTL1's Bit5 set),result is normal,use ok;

step4: after step3,I run my board for a short time, and  one day I find  i can not use the eeprom,i use the query cmd,

the result(use query )is  DFPART is 0xFFFF,ERPART is 0xFFFF,I read the EEEIR and  the result is  0x120004 is 0x00,

0x120005 is 0x00, 0x120006 is 0x10, 0x120007 is 0x10FF, i am sure during  step4 without BDM.


My  question are :

1:what can make the partition's parameters become zero in case that without bdm?

2:In case that  no patition how can  i repatition by no bdm?

thanks for  reply my quetion!