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i.mx6 GPIO -> userspace IRQ

Question asked by thomaswenzel on Nov 10, 2015
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I need to have a GPIO pin (in this case GPIO7 on an i.mx6 Solo) generate an interrupt that can be picked up by a process running in user space. My kernel is 3.10.17.


Is there some tutorial how to do this somewhere?


My questions are:


1. What do I need to set up in the device tree file to make this pin generate an interrupt?


2. I've heard about picking up interrupts from user space by opening a new /proc file (/proc/irq/nn/irq) where nn is the interrupt number.


Reading from this file will then block until the next interrupt occurs.


select() and poll() are also supposed to work with this file.


Will this be possible with the 3.10.17 kernel, and if yes, how do I find out the linux-side interrupt number of the interrupt generated by GPIO7?