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erase boot partition from eMMC from u-boot cmd line

Question asked by C Brust on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by C Brust

I need the ability to erase the boot partition and partition information from eMMC from the U-Boot command line.  There is a command in U-Boot to do this which fails when executed on the i.MX6 SaberSD Board.  That command is "mmc erase"  When this command is issued the following is printed on the U-Boot console. Could someone give me an alternative method to erasing eMMC or tell me how to fix the usage of this command?  I can do this from a booted Linux but this is not an option.


=> mmc erase 0 0x400


MMC erase: dev # 2, block # 0, count 1024 ... Timeout waiting for DAT0 to go high!

mmc erase failed

0 blocks erased: ERROR