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Is iMX6SX OpenVG acceleration active with Linux 3.14.28 ?

Question asked by ag74 on Sep 10, 2015
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I'm in charge of evaluating the iMX6SX and espacially its Vectorial 2D drawing capabilities through OpenVG.

According to the datasheet, the iMX6SX feature a GC400T GPU which seems to be OpenVG 1.1 compatible but after some test I've been wondering if 2D drawning functions are really hardware accelerated (rectangle, line, gradient, etc...).


I compiled one of our 2D app that uses OpenVG to draw the GUI with a few animations and it's pretty slow.

At least the app is slower when running on the iMX6SX than when running on the iMX535D.


To check what feature is accelerated on the iMX6, I also used the vgHardwareQuery() function, but it always returns that nothing is accelerated.

When calling this function on the iMX535D, it returns that some features are accelerated.


That's why I'm wondering if the OpenVG is hardware accelerated on the iMX6SX.


The linux kernel v3.14.28 does have the Vivante graphic driver enabled, but I didn't find any other options to enable to make sure the hardware acceleration is enabled.


I also try to force the system to use either /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib/ libraries but the drawing performances remain the same.


Does anyone know if the iMX6SX support hardware accelerated 2D drawing through OpenVG (rectangle, line, ...) ? Not only BitBlt


All my tests were made using the iMX6SX Sabre SD demo board.