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PF3000 and IMX6SX bsp

Question asked by Florian GERMAIN on Sep 1, 2015
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We are developping a board based on Imx6SXSabresd.

I downloaded Freescale bsp and followed "i.MX_6_BSP_Porting_Guide.pdf" and "Freescale_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide.pdf".

I get the sources with "repo init -u git:// -b imx-3.14.28-1.0.0_ga".


My custom board use the freescale PMIC PF3000.

In this sources i donc find PF3000 support in the device tree.

How can i proceed to use this PMIC?

Does i need to download Fsl community BSP instead?


Thanks a lot,