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MfgTool in virtual Windows fails

Question asked by Petr Kubiznak on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Petr Kubiznak

Having virtual Windows 7 Pro in VirtualBox (Fedora Linux host), Updater of mfgtool2 fails (log attached). Both USB devices are attached to the guest OS - Freescale Inc SE VYBRID (15A2:006A) and Freescale USB Download Gadget (066F:37FF) are permanently enabled in the USB filter.


At the time of failure, the GUI shows F: drive and Wait for Recovery from: "Push" error, file="C:\Freescale\Mfgtools-Rel-1.0_VYBRID_UPDATER\Profiles\Vybrid Update\OS Firmware\files\u-boot.vybrid" status message. The new F: drive is visible in TotalCommander, but fails to open.


The problem is most likely related to VirtualBox, as it works for me under normal Windows (XP) installation. My hypothesis is that the problem is in attaching of the mass storage device from Linux to the guest OS (but I might be wrong). I did not find any solution yet. Does anybody have experience with MfgTool under virtualized Windows?

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