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SIM card Connector port sabresd board reg

Question asked by sachu sanal on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Hai Sir ,

I have IMX^Q sabresd Evaluation kit with me (which is purchased from freescale)

Downloaded the lolipop (5.1) prebuilt image from freescale and loading it into the board.then i insert the SIM in the SIM Card Connector Slot(CON1).Then from the settings of android OS i scanned the mobile network ,but that time it shows that no sim is there....


how can i solve this issue. let me know the Android image (lolipop) have the support to scan the mobile networks?

I insert the SIm properly ,let me know is any Hardware issue/Android OS image issu?

how can i find out?

please help me