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PE Generate code SPI SM1_ReceiveBlock not work

Question asked by rabbitz on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by rabbitz

When master SPI read data from slave SPI, the master will generate SPI CLK/PCS Low, the slave will clock data out from Sout.


I use SM1_ReceiveBlock() to read data from slave, there is no SPI CLK out from master, and it doesn't go the the PE_ISR(SM1_Interrupt).


I check SM1_SendBlock(), it works. There is "SPI_PDD_EnableDmasInterrupts(SPI0_BASE_PTR, SPI_PDD_TX_FIFO_FILL_INT_DMA);" .


In function "SM1_ReceiveBlock()", should add "SPI_PDD_EnableDmasInterrupts(SPI0_BASE_PTR, SPI_PDD_RX_FIFO_DRAIN_INT_DMA); " ?


Also, what is the proper way to generate SPI CLK during read data from slave?