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JTAG in TWR-K65F180M not functional on rev A0

Question asked by Martin Filtenborg on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Nitin Harish

We've recently got hold of this board, but found it impossible to program the onboard K65 via JTAG (J18) despite removing J32 as described in the UsersGuide page 12.


J32 disconnects SWD_CLK from OpenSDA, leaving it free to be controlled by our debugger.

Unfortunately, no jumper is available for disconnecting SWD_DIO from OpenSDA. This means SWD_DIO is held by the OpenSDA device, causing trouble with the JTAG debugger.


First: Has anyone had the same experience?


Second: Any suggestions on how to workaround this? We've thought about erasing the OpenSDA, thus causing its GPIO to tristate, hopefully allowing us to control the K65 JTAG port via J18.


Relevant schematics are on TWR-K65F180M-SCH.pdf page 5 (signals PTA0 and PTA3)