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i.MX536: DDR Stress test failed when the temperature of DDR increase upper to 80 degree

Question asked by jianhua xu on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by TomE

Hi Community,


I meet a serious issue that DDR stress test failed if the temperature of DDR increase  to 80 degree.

The DDR we used is Micron MT41J128M16JT-125 AIT:K which is for AUTOMOTIVE.

The default DDR in stress test tool is Micron MT41J128M16-187E.

I used the same <> file to do stress test, it is ok in room temperature , but failed in high tempreture.

please see below log :


DQS calibration succeed.

        DGCTRL0: 0x01330133  

        DGCTRL1: 0x01340135  

        DGHWST0: 0x01660001

        DGHWST1: 0x01660001

        DGHWST2: 0x016A0001

        DGHWST3: 0x01680001

RD calibration succeed.

        RDDLCTL: 0x35353734            

        RDDLHWST0: 0x6F006800

        RDDLHWST1: 0x6A006B00

WR calibration succeed.

        WRDLCTL: 0x4D475146           

        WRDLHWST0: 0x7F237F0D

        WRDLHWST0: 0x7F237F0D

Calibration completed.

        0x63fd907c: 0x01330133  

        0x63fd9080: 0x01340135  

        0x63fd9088: 0x35353734  

           0x63fd9090: 0x4D475146



t0: memcpy11 SSN test

t1: memcpy8 SSN test

Address of test1 failure: 0xC9072594

Data was:                 0x00040080

But pattern was:          0x00040000


I've attached the DDR datasheet.

Could you give some advices, thx a lot.

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