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GPT as system timer, EPIT as user timer

Question asked by Luca Noga on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by sun yu


I'm working with a custom i.MX6S board and Linux OS.

I've switched on the EPIT2 timer by initializing it and I want it to generate a square wave on the epit2_event_out pin. I've correctly set up the OCIE bit in the control register, a value in the LR and a value in the CMPR. The problem is that no compare event seems to occur. The register is counting for the all 32 bits and I have the output pin toggling every 67 seconds, which means it's working but is not taking care about the compare register. Even /proc/interrupts is showing that the EPIT2 interrupt is set up, but has never occurred.

In the meanwhile the GPT timer is working as system tick timer and this is confirmed by the booting messages that it has been chosen as system timer.


Why the EPIT2 interrupt is not occurring even if correctly setup?