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I.MX6SX start M4 from U-Boot with QSPI flash

Question asked by Jan Hieber on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by Nathan Barrett


I am on 6X Sabre-SDB board. I flashed U-Boot from MQX: MQX/tools/u-boot-sdb.imx

I also built an MQX example application and was able to flash it to QSPI flash with the update command

and boot the M4 with: run m4boot


Now i want to do this with normal u-boot-fslc from yocto. I am on master

After enabling the setexpr command in u-boot config i can flash the M4 image with this command:

update_m4_from_sd=if sf probe 1:0; then if run loadm4image; then setexpr fw_sz ${filesize} + 0xffff; setexpr fw_sz ${fw_sz} / 0x10000; setexpr fw_sz ${fw_sz} * 0x10000; sf erase 0x0 ${fw_sz}; sf write ${loadaddr} 0x0 ${filesize}; fi; fi

This works fine. With the u-boot from MQX i would run this to boot the M4 (works fine too): sf probe 1:0; bootaux 0x78000000

But in Freescale/u-boot-fslc at patches-2015.01 · GitHub the bootaux command is missing.

I have the following commands, i think they are used to boot the M4 from DDR, but i want to boot from QSPI flash:

mw.l 0x4006e028 0x3f000485;
mw.l 0x4006b08c 0x00015a5a;

So my question is, what exactly does the bootaux command?

other question: How can i use "M4 Fast Up" with my u-boot-fslc in yocto?

In the machine config: meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/imx6sxsabresd.conf

There is: UBOOT_CONFIG[m4fastup] = "mx6sxsabresd_m4fastup_config"


So i guess, the whole u-boot stuff for the SoloX is not yet in u-boot in Github.

would be nice to have the source code for all this stuff