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How to enable UHS mode for SD card in u-boot_201304

Question asked by Zongbiao Liao on Mar 12, 2015
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I have a i.MX6Q custom board, and it supports switching to 1.8v for SDIO.


When I worked with u-boot_200908(LTIB version), I can enable the UHS mode

for SD card by setting port_supports_uhs18v filed of struct fsl_esdhc_cfg to 1.


But now I am working with u-boot_201304(Yocto Version), and in this version,

the struct fsl_esdhc_cfg  does not have port_supports_uhs18v filed.So I donnot

know how to enable UHS mode for SD card in u-boot_201304.


Could you help me!


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