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FXOS8700CQ tilt-compensated compass evaluation with FRDM-KL26Z

Question asked by Mikael Stewart on Mar 10, 2015



I’ve been using the MAG3110 as a compass in a product of mine for some time now but am looking at incorporating tilt compensation and so I’ve decided to evaluate the FXOS8700CQ to exploit its accelerometer data for this purpose.


I went ahead and purchased the FRDM-KL26Z board which includes a FXOS8700CQ after being linked to Sensor Fusion Toolbox software and a ZIP of some software samples I assumed would make evaluation quick and painless, however it appears that none of the provided source code samples nor the toolbox software actually utilize the on-board device at all (other than as an accelerometer) but instead require some costly expansion card with the exact same part to do so!


Is there anything at all already written for this board to make use of the on-board FXOS8700CQ as a tilt compensated compass that can perhaps link with the toolbox for quick and easy visualization?