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how to create 8 partitions using hypervisor in P4080DS

Question asked by Peter Zheng on Mar 9, 2015
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I have successfully installed the hypervisor on P4080DS following the documentation. But it only shows 2 partitions, one with 7 CPU, one with 1 CPU. The project I am doing now requires me to create 8 partitions on P4080ds.


I can't find a documentation on how to partition the system.  I only found this by Yiping.



But there are a few points now very clear.

(1) where do I find the hv.dts file? I cannot find it in the SDK

(2) after I modify this hv.dts file, do I need to rebuild the image?

(3) how do I update this change, do I need to rebuild the image and flash it onto the board?


Thank you for your help.




Peter Zheng Zhipeng