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Porting from MQX 4.1.0 to MQX for KSDK/KDS (MQX 5.0.1)

Question asked by nick erb on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Carlos_Musich

We're looking to port our MQX 4.1.0 currently compiling with IAR to the new KDS/KSDK package for ease of development.  I notice, however, the architecture of the new MQX project is quite different than the architecture of 4.1.0.  As an example, I've attached an image detailing one area in which MQX for KSDK appears quite different than 4.1.0.  Is there an established method by which to port a 4.1.0 project to the new MQX architecture?  It seems that the majority of project creation in the KSDK is done automatically for Freescale boards, and while we are using a Freescale MK60DX256ZVLL10, we are not using the TWR-K60D100.  We are using our own PCB, thus it would be super if we could retain our current header files and not have to break them down or re-pin everything in the code.





Images are attached: