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i.MX6 output gpio value behaviour

Question asked by ユーリ レリョーサ on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by ユーリ レリョーサ

Hello Community,


I am migrating code from L3.0.35 to L3.10.17 and on both cases I am using the function gpio_direction_output(); and gpio_export(); on the board file to export gpio pins on sysfs.

On L3.0.35 when I change a pin value, i.e. from 0 -> 1, with echo and look into it, the value reads as 1. But on L3.10.17 when I apply echo on the value then read it, the value always return a 0 value.

But on both cases, devices attached on the out gpio functions properly. Echo 1 on a gpio output to a LED and turns on on both cases.

Is returning to 0 on gpio values on L3.10.17 normal behaviour for this version? Is there a way for the value to maintain its "current" value?


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