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KDS V2.0.0 Component FatDsMemSDHC seems to be broken

Question asked by ChrisTango on Feb 21, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Erich Styger

Hello everybody,


I tried to generate code for file operations on my FRDM-K64F board.

Unfortunately the component seems to be broken or not up-to-date.


Firstly I got these errors with PE:

2015-02-21 22_48_41-Processor Expert - Test002_Sources_mqx_tasks.c - Kinetis Design Studio - C__User.png

I fixed this manually and got my generated code.


Next I implemented a code to open a file then I got these erros during compiling:

2015-02-21 23_59_03-C_C   - Test002_Sources_mqx_tasks.c - Kinetis Design Studio - C__Users_Christian.png

I looked at the code and these functions are missing, but seem to be replaced by other ones.


Does anyone has a fixed version of this component or an easy way to use the sd card on this board?


Best regards,