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Kinetis flash support in OpenOCD

Question asked by Tomas Vanek on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Tomas Vanek

I started a project with a MK22FN1M0VLL12 recently. I tried to use OpenOCD for programing a flash. Unfortunately it failed. As I'm involved in OpenOCD development I was able to make a change in a OpenOCD Kinetis flash driver and programming worked.


I went further and made a quick research of compatibility of the Kinetis flash driver with new families of Kinetis MCUs. The result is quite disappointing: All these families are potentially unsupported:


SF4: K11_M50 K12_M50
        KL16_M48 KL26_M48
SF5: K21_M50 K21_M120 K22_M50 K22_M120 K24_M120 K63 K64
        KL16_M48 KL26_M48
SF6: KL17_M48 KL27_M48
SF7: KV31_M120
SF8: KV31_M120
SF9: K22_M100 KV31_M100
SFA: K02_M100 KV30_M100


Moreover, flashing other series like KE are not supported by OpenOCD at all.

The main problem for an open-source project like OpenOCD is really overwhelming number of Freescale MCUs. It is not possible to improve flash driver and broaden its compatibility without having right hardware to test.

My question or entreaty is: Could Freescale support OpenOCD better?