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Change IP address at runtime

Question asked by Angelo Borghi on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by Garabo

I have a board with mpc8309 processor, MQX V3.8.0 and I use CW power pc windows classic  8.80.


At the program startup I initilize the three fec with this sequence:

1) ENET_get_mac_address(device, newMac, mac);
2) result = ipcfg_init_device(device, mac);
3) ipcfg_bind_staticip(device, &ip_data);


And it works.


If I try to reassign a new IP address a runtime to a one of three fec it doesn't work. In particulary:


4) I call the function ipcfg_bind_staticip(device, &ip_data) with a new IP
5) the function exit with no errors
6) but the new IP doesn't work


How can I do to change IP at Runtime?