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MSD example

Question asked by mircopizzichini on Jan 30, 2015
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I've just installed KDS with Kinetis SDK, and I'm trying to build some examples before porting my Codewarrior project, where I access SD card through USB.

Currently I'm checking if MSD example (located in KSDK_1.1.0\usb\example\device\msd) works. I was able to build and download that project for my twrk60: when I plug-in USB cable a new mass storage is detected on PC and I can see files on SD card!


The problem is when I try to write data (or read) on SD card from PC. The USB_MSC_DEVICE_WRITE_REQUEST event is correctly asserted, but nothing is written on the card.


What could be the problem?

Why in this example you advise using OS MsgQueue instead of direct SDCARD_DRV_WriteBlocks? I tried also using directly the driver API, but maybe I'm wrong to pass function arguments, it doesn't work.


Thank you