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We are bringing up a new p3041 cpu board using Codewarrior Tap and can't get RCW override to work properly

Question asked by david howard on Jan 28, 2015

we are running an SRAM build for p3041 and the cpu is working and I can step through programs. However the platform clock is not right. I am starting the debug session with an RCW override file following the instructions but when I enter the debug session and inspect the DCFG_RCWSRn registers they do not reflect the values from the RCW override file. We have not programmed or enabled flash on the board yet. We have configured the cfg_sys_rcw[0:4] pins to the value for hard-coded-rcw 1_0010 (just a placeholder to have a known value there) I saw in another thread a recommendation to not use a hardcoded RCW value when doing RCW override with the TAP. So my question is what should we configure those pins to when doing an RCW override? attached are the debug console output and the rcw override file. Our RCW override file is based on the P3041DS with some changes for SERDES configuration.

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