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i am getting "Failed to configure the JTAG chain" when trying to test RCW Override functionality of Codewarrior

Question asked by abhishek ojha on Nov 26, 2014
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I am working on T4240RDB Rev1 and wanted to test RCW override functionality.

so,erased EEPROM (RCW Source)

i am using codewarrior "CodeWarrior_PA_10.4.0"


using "T4240RDB_RCW_1666_666_1600-rev1.0.txt" as jtag initialization file.

"T4240RDB_init_core.tcl" Target initialization file.

"T4240RDB.mem" memory initialization


Refering "Using JTAG Configuration File to Override RCW" and "Setting a Remote System to Use a JTAG Configuration File"

section of CW_PA_TM_UG.pdf

but getting "Failed To configure the JTAG chain. Simulator/CCS is already configured to use a JTAG Chain different than the target specified in codewarrior debugger settings"

Attached Screechot.

Any comments...?

How to solve this issue..?


Abhishek ojha