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TSS 3.1 KL05Z-FRDM builds but cannot run

Question asked by kazola on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by Alice_Yang


I'm using free CodeWarrior 10.6. I'm interested in the slider in this board so I downloaded the TSS3.1 software package.

I can import and build the example for the KL05Z-FRDM board but cannot run or debug it. See screenshot.



Am I doing something wrong? If you ignore this warning then you cannot debug since it gets stucked in a "asm" function.


We plan to use this MCU but first obviously I want to try them. In case this is a code size limitation issue, how can this example be made effectively lighter for me to try it?

Ok, let me know your opinions! Have a nice day