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Is there a problem with the RTC's initialization in Processor Expert?

Question asked by Bruno Paillard on Nov 23, 2014
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I am trying to create a simple project in KDS, using processor expert and MQX Lite.


I have defined a single task, as well as configured the RTC to provide one interrupt a second. In the task, as well as in the ISR the only thing that happens is a change in LEDs that are driven... A simple project to exercise the processor expert drivers, as well as MQX Lite.


Whenever the RTC interrupt is auto-configured the task does not run. When debugging this, I see it block on a WFI instruction in the Dispatch.s function.


If I initialize the RTC at the beginning of the task, instead of auto-initialization before starting the scheduler, everything works fine (the task runs and the RTC interrupt runs as well).


What Am I missing?