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How to setup PWM_LDD for FTM1_CH0 and FTM_CH1

Question asked by Isao Takashima on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Marek Neuzil

Now I want to make the example project for the FRDM-KE02Z.

The FRDM-KE02Z has Tri-Color LED (Red, Green Blue), then I want to control luminance of the these LEDs by FTM1 and FTM2.

According to the FRDM-KE02Z schematic, the Red LED connected FTM2_CH1, the Green LED connected FTM1_CH0 and the Blue LED connected FTM1_CH1.

Therefore, I add two PWM_LDD from the Components Library.

I can setup PWM1:PWM_LDD for the Red LED(FTM2_CH1), however I cannot setup the PWM2:PWM_LDD for the Green LED(FTM1_CH0) and the Blue LED(FTM1_CH1).

Because I cannot add channel for the Blue LED(FTM1_CH1) in the PWM2:PWM_LDD.

I add the PWM3:PWM_LDD for the Blue LED, but I cannot use the FTM1.

I have a question, why we cannot select "high" for initial polarity?


In addition, I tried to add TU1:TimeUnit_LDD instead of PWM_LDD, but the TimeUnit_LDD cannot support PWM, it can support Capture or Compare mode.


Please reply about initial polarity and advise that how to setup PWM_LDD for FTM1_CH0 and FTM_CH1 as soon as possible.


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