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EPD Touch and Booting problem

Question asked by Pankaj Rana on Oct 27, 2014
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I am working with MCIMX6SLEVK - SoloLite EVK.

A separate board having EPD with MODEL NO. : ED060SCM (Display + Touch) is connected to the EVK via EPDC Expansion Port. The setup works well when the Touch panel is not connected. Whenever the Touch Panel is connected , the Board crashes while booting.


EPD Touch Details:


"The touchpad controller is defined as a slave device of I2C and the host is defined as a master.

The device address of the touchpad controller is designed as 7-bit address format. The touchpad

controller address is defined as 0x20 as shown below.

The 7-bit Addressing defined as shown below:

             Bit 6   Bit 5   Bit 4   Bit 3    Bit 2    Bit1   Bit 0 (LSB)

Address   0       0        1         0        0         0         0

According to the 7-bit addressing, the first byte after the Start procedure is shown below:

              Bit 7(MSBBit 6   Bit 5   Bit 4    Bit 3    Bit 2    Bit 1    Bit 0 (LSB)

Address   0                0         1          0        0         0          0       R/W

The first seven bits of the first byte make up the address and the 8th bit is the LSB (least

significant bit, R (Read) = 1 and W (Write) = 0)."


Also , other than Power , Ground and I2C , 2 more signals interfaced with Touch panel are :


EPDC_PWRCTRL3 , pulled up to 3.15V using 4.7KOhm.



Using EVK Binaries provided with the kit. Also the working and error reports as well are attached.




-Pankaj Rana

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