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How can i get fec PHY link status from user space for plug/unplug the network cable in i.mx25 board

Question asked by guru guru on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by hari krishna manusani
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Dear All,


we are using i.mx25 processor with linux 2.6.31 for our product.

we need to get the fec PHY link status from user space for whenever change in the network cable like connection/removing.


we need to show it on my UI about network connection.


Please kindly give us the workaround to do that.


And sysfs interface also not updating the carrier value for connection and remove.  it remains the same value only. value wont get changed.


we have used some utility like ethtool and mii-tool from userspace . it wont give the information about PHY link status.



SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported

no MII interfaces found


ethtool eth0

Settings for eth0:

No data available


what i need to do to done this?


This is high priority !!!