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What is the proper way to add miscellaneous files to Yocto rootfs ?

Question asked by Otto Blom on Sep 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by fresxc M.fresxc

Hi There,


We have miscellaneous files in various directories that we would like to have added to the Yocto image. The directory structure is as follows






and so forth. What I would like to have done every time the image is built is to simply run a "cp -a files/* [yocto rootfs dir]" after all the other packages are installed / populated. I tried creating a recipe as shown below


PROVIDES = "jtq-rootfs"

RPROVIDES_${PN} += "${PN}"

do_install() {

    rsync -a --exclude=.svn ${JTQ_SRC}/files/* ${D}



LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://${THISDIR}/license;md5=8cf8463b34caa8ac871a52d5dd7ad1ef"


That added in the files initially, but after modifying the files it did not get updated properly on the file system image (even after running bitbake jtq-rootfs -c compile -fv). Clearly this is not the right way to do it.


Any hints on what would be the correct way ?


Thanks in advance