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How to make ADC counts "stable" in K20/K22 MCU ?

Question asked by hemant undale on Sep 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Hui_Ma

Hi all,

I am using ADC in K20/K22 MCU. I see that if I give voltage input to ADC from calibrator then ADC raw counts vary above and below certain point. This variation is +- 100 counts of ADC on full scale. Though this is accurate, I want some "stable" reading. So how can I proceed ???

In k20/k22 adc initialization averaging is on (32 / 64 samples).

I want to make stable count without using averaging in software.

How Can i achieve this ?? 

For my application this is must.




I have observed that for K20/K22 MCU, raw counts of ADC gets drifted for 200-300 counts if we change MCU temperature from 0 degrees  to 60 degrees..

What is temperature drift of ADC???

Where it is specified in Datasheet ???


Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day!!

-Hemant Undale