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Anyone know an easy way to enable old flexcan driver over the new fsl_flexcan?

Question asked by James Monczynski on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by James Monczynski

I admit, I'm not that experienced with modifying the custom BSP based off of the twrk70f120m.


So, my legacy code uses the old flexcan driver (as opposed to the new fsl driver).






When I try to add these files to the BSP, in the same "Peripheral_IO_Drivers\flexcan" folder, I get an error about adding files to a virtual folder.

So, I copied the files into my project, handled all compile errors, updated bsp.h to include appropriate files, and got the project to compile/link (minor warnings seen from bsp).


I tried out the project and CAN still does not work.


So, I think I'm missing something by not disabling the new fsl flexcan driver and not enabling the old flexcan driver.


Can someone point in the right direction to do this?