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I cannot find the PF0100F3 PMIC, is it really necessary for the iMX6SL?

Question asked by Nathan Palmer on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Nathan Palmer

I have been waiting for months for the F3 version of the PF0100 PMIC to become available for the iMX6SL but it is too late to wait any longer.  I understand that the F3 version of the PF0100 PMIC is like the F1 version but the power sequence is slightly modified to fix an errata on the iMX6SL.  I cannot find the MMPF0100F3A available anywhere so I am considering the NP or the F1 versions.  I would prefer to use the F1 version because it seems to be available from multiple vendors.  What is the nature of the errata that the F3 version fixes?  I need to way the risk of using the F1 version versus the extra labor to manually program the NP version.



I guess I don't have to get the NP version of the chip, the F1 version can be programmed to use OTP correct?