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How to configure the registers of the microcontrollers through MQX ?

Question asked by Siva Kumar Anantharaman on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by soledad

Hi everyone ,


          I am working with MQX RTOS for quite sometime.

I have previously working with general embedded project, where the following process will be done .

1. Configuring the Registers by seeing the data sheet of the exact microcontroller.

2. The peripherals will be configured according to the need of the application.

3. And then finally get the final .hex file to be loaded into the target board.

But now , I have the following doubts,


1. Where to check for the registers to be configure according to the project need ?


2. Or How to know where the Registers are configured ?


3. How to configure the individual pins of the Microcontroller through MQX ?


4. Or Tell me how the Pins are configured in MQX RTOS ?


Thanks in Advance

Siva Kumar A