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Isr on MQX Lite

Question asked by Wenderson Oliveira on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Daniel Chen

Hi All,


I created a little program with a periodical timer interrupt with PEx. And this works fine!

But, reading the User Guide and the RM of MQX Lite, I saw then saying that I should install isr on MQX, not just create that.

So, I installed an isr with the follow code:


uint_32 timer_ptr;
_int_install_isr(LDD_ivIndex_INT_TPM2  , (INT_ISR_FPTR)TI1_OnInterrupt, &timer_ptr);


And the interrupt event stays with the same code, generated by PEx


void TI1_OnInterrupt(void)


After install the isr, the timer interrupt occurs everytime, without compare with counter.

Someone know what's happening?

Thanks alot,