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ENET-1588 PTP with hardware timestamp

Question asked by Mathias Neusch on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Yuri Muhin
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i.MX6 RGMII connect to Ethernet PHY with IEEE-1588 support



Hardware Development Guide for i.MX6
Tabele 2-9 Gigabit Ethernet Recommendations


Peter 17.04.2014
"Now back to the 1588 question. Does it mean that the IEEE 1588 needs a separate
50MHz clock which needs to go through GPIO_16 regardless whether where the
125MHz reference clock for the RGMII is routed?"


Weidong 26.05.2014
"1588 timer has compare function,  set ENET_TCCRn register to generate 1pps from 1588_eventx_out."


Justin 23.06.2014
"we are working with Freescale to get a releasable version of the required support firmware
available, but this may take some time - think three to six months from now"


"Hardware - you have to have one of the1588_event_out pins available from the iMX6 to get
the Event Out signal. This is specified in the iMX6 RM"


Are these hardware requirements for Linux Kernel higher 3.10 are correct?

- 125MHz reference clock on ENET_REF_CLK from external oscillator or PHY
- A no connect GPIO_16 to use the internal 50MHz for time stamp clock
- connect for Master ENET_1588_EVENTx_OUT to external PHY for 1PPS
- connect for Slave ENET_1588_EVENTx_IN from external PHY for 1PPS